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September 4, 2016
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“I think my grandfather was one, but I am not sure what it really means.”

“Yeah, my father and uncle both used to visit Masonic conferences I recall Uncle Fred coming by to choose him up. However I have no idea where they went or the things they did.”

“I think they put on individuals funny hats.”

What’s a Mason?

It is not an unexpected question. Despite the fact that Masons (Freemasons) are people from the biggest and earliest fraternity on the planet, and despite the fact that almost everybody includes a father or grandfather or uncle who had been a Mason, lots of people aren’t quite certain who Masons are. The answer is easy. A Mason (or Freemason) is part of a fraternity referred to as Masonry (or Freemasonry). A fraternity is several males (just like a sorority is several women) who join together because: You will find things they would like to do on the planet. You will find things they would like to do “inside their very own minds.” They like being along with males that they like and respect. (We’ll take a look at a few of these things later.)

What’s Masonry?

Masonry (or Freemasonry) may be the earliest fraternity on the planet. Nobody knows precisely how old for the reason that the particular roots happen to be lost over time. Most likely, it came about in the guilds of stonemasons who built the forts and cathedrals from the Dark Ages. Possibly, these were affected through the Knights in combat Templar, several Christian warrior monks created in 1118 to assist safeguard pilgrims making outings towards the Holy Land. In 1717, Masonry produced a proper organization in England once the first Grand Lodge was created. A Great Lodge may be the administrative body responsible for Masonry in certain physical area. Within the U . s . States, there's a great Lodge in every condition. In Canada, there's a great Lodge in every province. Local organizations of Masons are known as lodges. You will find lodges in many cities, and enormous metropolitan areas will often have several. You will find about 13, 200 lodges within the U . s . States.

If Masonry began in the uk, how made it happen reach America?

Currently when travel was by horseback and sailing ship, Masonry spread with amazing speed. By 1731, when Benjamin Franklin became a member of the fraternity, there have been already several lodges within the Colonies, and Masonry spread quickly as America broadened west. Additionally to Franklin, most of the Founding Fathers — males for example George Washington, Paul Revere, Frederick Warren, and John Hancock — were Masons. Masons and Masonry performed a significant part within the Revolutionary War and a much more important part within the Constitutional Convention and also the debates all around the ratification from the Bill of Privileges. A lot of individuals debates were locked in Masonic lodges.

What’s a lodge?

The term “lodge” means both several Masons meeting in certain place and also the room or building that they meet. Masonic structures will also be sometimes known as “temples” because a lot of the meaning Masonry uses to train its training originates from regarding King Solomon’s Temple within the Holy Land. The word “lodge” itself originates from the structures that the stonemasons built from the sides from the cathedrals throughout construction. In the winter months, when building needed to stop, they resided during these lodges and labored at carving stone. While there's some variation at length from condition to condition and nation to nation, lodge rooms today are positioned up like the diagram around the following page. If you’ve ever viewed C-SPAN’s coverage of the home of Commons working in london, you’ll observe that design is one of the same. Since Masonry found America from England, we still make use of the British layout and British game titles for that officials. The Worshipful Master from the Lodge sits within the East (“Worshipful” is definitely an British term of respect meaning exactly the same factor as “Honorable.”) He's known as online resources the lodge for the similar reason why the best choice of the orchestra is known as the “Concert Master.” It’s simply a mature term for “Leader.” In other organizations, he'd be known as “President.” The Senior and Junior Wardens are the initial and 2nd Vice-Presidents. The Deacons are messengers and also the Stewards have control of refreshments. Every lodge comes with an altar holding a “Volume from the Sacred Law.” Within the U . s . States and Canada, that's more often than not a Bible.

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Free and Accepted Masons F.&A.M.
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