Freemason secret handshakes

September 24, 2017
What is a Secret Handshake?

The key hands indications of Illuminists are believed to operate miracle, to stimulate supernatural creatures, and, obviously, to speak messages. For instance, the greater degree Mason, Rosicrucian, or any other Illuminist can discern at what ritual level a brother within the Craft is 'at by testing his handshake, or grip. It's, therefore, an essential mode of recognition. The generally used phrase, "Obtain a grip, " has Masonic roots.

The handshake, or grip, is an indication of oneness, oneness of purpose and allegiance or devotion to joint cause. It's considered a bond, or seal, of acknowledgment between Illuminist brethren. The Masonic government bodies talk about a "mystic tie" or spiritual union. Certainly, demon forces do congregate together and revel in one another's foul company.

The God of Fidelity

The Illuminist handshake, the gripping or joining of hands, might have many meanings. Its easiest is denoting fidelity. Oddly enough, Dr. Trina Burns, in her own informative expose, Hidden Strategies of the Eastern Star, notes that even only at that fundamental level, the Illuminist is symbols of allegiance to some deity apart from the Christian God.

The instructions released the candidate from the Joined Apprentice, or First Degree, of Freemasonry include these given here. Observe that the candidate is requested, "How shall I understand you to become a Mason?" His answer:

"By certain signs, an expression, a thing, and also the perfect points of my entrance."

Then, as he is requested,

"What exactly are tokens?, " he replies, "Certain friendly or brotherly grips, through which one Mason may have heard another at nighttime too as with the sunshine.Inch

(Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor, p. 42)

For instance, Dr. Burns quotes Albert Mackey, 33°, former Sovereign Grand Commander from the Scottish Rite, who confesses:

The best hands has in most age range been considered an emblem of fidelity, and our ancient brethren worshipped Deity underneath the title of Fides or Fidelity, that was sometimes symbolized by two right hands became a member of...

Numa was the very first who erected an altar to Fides to which title the Goddess of Oaths and Honesty was worshipped.1

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Vladimir Putin Freemason Handshake
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JFK Assassination: Jack Ruby exchanging Freemason handshake
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Secret handshakes and exposed men
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