Scottish Rite 33RD degree ritual

June 9, 2018
About the Scottish Rite

Hirty Third Degree: The final and final amount of the traditional and Recognized Scottish Rite Freemasonry is known as "Sovereign Grand Inspector General." This degree is usually understood to be the executive amount of an order. The conferences are known as Supreme Council . The jewel is really a black double headed bald eagle with golden beaks and claws, holding within the latter a gold sword, and crowned using the golden crown of Prussia. A red-colored Teutonic mix is attached left side from the breast. The lodge is hung with crimson curtains, which are colored skeletons, dying heads, mix, bones etc. You will find nine officials within this degree. Online resources the lodge is known as the "Most Puissant Sovereign Grand Commander."

Throughout the outlet events online resources the Lodge request the puissant Lieutenant Grand Commander : " From the time came you?" Answer : "In the cradle, passing trough existence towards our common lot-the grave".

Following the lodge is said opened up online resources the lodge orders the Grand Marshal to organize the candidate (if there's one) for initiation by divesting him of his footwear and hat, dress him inside a black robe, provide him a lighted candle in the right hands, tie a black robe round his neck, and lead him (just like a helpless animal) towards the door from the council chamber.

Then your show starts which is stated towards the candidate, once he makes its way into the council chamber and that he is received through the picture of a skeleton, "Your mind is uncovered, your ft bare to help remind you that you need to ever be ready to assist brethren in need of assistance, and free them in the yoke of oppression, that is represented through the black cable tow around your neck".

We learn within this degree the object of all of the levels in Masonry is light, knowledge, tolerance, freedom and courage. It's also revealed within this degree that the events of Masonry are but "faithful" representations from the realistic existence. Individuals who're started in to the 33rd degree are reminded that Masonry "recognizes and switches into no religions around the globe ".

(Just how can religious leaders participate it ??? )

You should note here this degree produced through the illuminati from the R+C along with their Jesuit administrators, tries to pull together the teachings from the former levels. It provides a far more profound explanation of Masonic events. The illustrius Grand Minister of Condition describes inside a lecture towards the candidate and also the general body 33rd degree people, the object would be to rebuild the fabric temple of Solomon or at best to rebuild an ethical temple, in which truth and love shall dwell for his people.

33rd Degree Inspector General Band - 14k Gold 1/4ctw
33rd Degree Inspector General Band - 14k Gold 1/4ctw ...
Scottish Rite 33rd Degree Sovereign Grand Commander
Scottish Rite 33rd Degree Sovereign Grand Commander
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