Freemasonry dollar bill Secrets

April 9, 2017
3 – Secrets of Dollar

This top quality documentary proves the next points concerning the two Closes on the rear of the main one Dollar Bill with clearness and precision:

  1. The 2 Closes are Egyptian and Luciferian
  2. The 2 Closes were created by Freemasons, in 1782
  3. Masonic Leader Franklin Roosevelt, assisted by his Secretary of Agriculture/V . P . Wallace, purchased these Closes to become put on the rear of the Dollar Bill in 1935, getting been advised on and advised through the Russian channeler/mystic, Nicolas Roerich
  4. People in america had no clue the Roosevelt Administration was as controlled by mystic, Black Magick forces, because it was. Had they known the amount that Roosevelt was controlled by Black Magick forces, he could have been forced from office immediately
  5. Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, discloses that, whilst in the Illuminati, he was trained the two Closes aren't official closes from the U . s . States, but from the Global Illuminati!
  6. Doc Marquis also discloses these two Closes hide three (3) hexagrams along with a hidden message about Freemasonry. These hexagrams form a '666'
  7. We properly link the meaning from the All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer hanging within the incomplete pyramid on the rear of the Dollar Bill towards the coming prophesied Third Temple around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!

The Masons happen to be steadfastly determined since 1782 to get charge of the Temple Mount so that they could resurrect Solomon's Temple to be used by their Masonic Christ!

Because this was the program in 1782 once the Closes were produced, the Masons ensured the meaning from the incomplete pyramid directly tied to their intend to rebuild Solomon's Temple.

Once the Masonic Christ (Antichrist) is scheduled to be the "Living Stone" to fill up the incomplete pyramid! You'll be surprised about this straightforward, but profound, meaning linkeage by the thorough degree that this plan of action satisfies Bible prediction exactly!

You'll be shocked to understand the stage for that fulfillment of the Finish from the Age prediction was set completely to 1782!

- Strategies of The Dollar Bill -

from CosnpiracyCentral Website

The video "Eye from the Phoenix" is almost 3 hrs lengthy also it was very lengthy.

Exactly what do I think about it?

It is among the finest documentaries I have ever observed in my existence. It focused not just around the Great Seal, but other subjects such as the Illuminati, the Theosophical Society (whose co-founder was obviously Madame H.P. Blavatsky. She adopted the Gnostic lie the Demon within the Bible offering Adam the fruit of understanding was the great guy, while Jehovah was the theif. That's one meaning of the creed of Gnosticism), the Philosopher Stone, along with other issues.

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Eye of the Phoenix Secrets of the Dollar Bill
Eye of the Phoenix Secrets of the Dollar Bill
Secrets of the Dollar Bill - Documentary - HD
Secrets of the Dollar Bill - Documentary - HD
The 1 Dollar Bill Secrets
The 1 Dollar Bill Secrets
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