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June 3, 2018
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Subtitle: This can be a short article hopefully every Mason will read before he starts to see any one of our other articles. There's a Masonic organization available the majority of you realize nothing of, even when you're a 33rd Degree Mason.

We've constantly received emails from Freemasons who're absolutely anguished over our articles showing Masonry to be Satanic. They honestly proclaim to all of us that this isn't the problem within their Lodge further, they are saying, they're 32nd or 33rd Degree, and would likely understand what Freemasonry is and what it's not and, they strongly proclaim: Masonry isn't Satanic.

We're both right: You're as soon as you declare that Freemasonry is not Satanic as you've practiced it inside your Lodge. And we're as soon as we are saying that Freemasonry is Satanic towards the core, and it is striving mightily to create the brand new Age Christ [Antichrist].

How, you request, are we able to both be right? To put it simply, Freemasonry is definitely an organization inside an organization. One organization is deliberately lied to and mislead with false understanding, as the inner organization knows the spiritual Truth of Freemasonry, and holds it with heart, soul, and mind.


Let's hear Masonic author Macho P. Hall describe this two-dimensional organization of Freemasonry. Masonry is composed of two noticeably different organizations, one visible and something invisible. Hall describes this two-level organization: [Hall was honored through the Scottish Rite Journal, who known as him 'The Illustrious Macho P. Hall' in Sept, 1990, and additional known as him 'Masonry's Finest Philosopher', saying "The planet is really a much better place due to Macho Palmer Hall, and we're better persons for getting known him and the work"]. This is exactly what Macho P. Hall stated:

" Freemasonry is really a fraternity inside a fraternity - an outer organization camouflaging an inner brotherhood from the elect ... it's important to determine the presence of both of these separate but interdependent orders, the main one visible and yet another invisible. The visible society is really a splendid camaraderie of 'free and accepted' males enjoined to devote themselves to ethical, educational, fraternal, loyal, and humanitarian concerns. The invisible society is really a secret and many August [understood to be 'of regal dignity, grandeur'] fraternity whose people are devoted towards the service of the mysterious arcannum arcandrum [understood to be 'a secret, a mystery']." [Hall, Lectures on Ancient Philosophy, p. 433]

Albert Mackey, 33rd Degree Mason and author from the informative "Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", 1873, verifies Hall's thought.

"Visible Masonry: Inside a circular released March 18, 1775, through the Grand Orient of France, reference is built to two divisions from the Order, namely, visible and Invisible Masonry ... by 'Invisible Masonry' they denoted that body of intelligent and virtuous Masons who, regardless of any reference to dogmatic government bodies, constituted a 'Mysterious and Invisible Society from the True Sons of Light', who, scattered within the two hemisphere, were engaged, with one life blood in performing everything for that glory from the Great Architect but for the good of the fellow-males."

Quite simply, the people from the Invisible Masonry would be the true leaders who cooperate on the global scale for that Great Architect to offer the Great Work, the " New World " Order. What, then, is the objective of the Visible Lodge?

"By 'Visible Masonry' they meant the congregation of Masons into Lodges, that have been frequently impacted by the contagious vices from the age that they resided. The previous is ideal the second constantly needs purification." (Albert Mackey, 33rd Degree, "Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", 1873, page 829)

Quite simply, Masons from the Invisible Lodge would be the truly "Perfected Males", as the poor regular Masons from the Visible Lodge are stricken using the "contagious vices from the age that they resided". Mackey holds Masons from the Visible Lodge in very, really low esteem. And, observe that Masonry has divided itself in to these two Lodges a really very long time agao, in 1775! Masonry has more often than not been by doing this.

Many well-meaning males are people of the visible society without any understanding whatsoever from the inner invisible society. Actually, Albert Pike had several things to say of the brethren within the visible society:

"Masonry, like several the Religions, all of the Mysteries, Hermeticism, and Alchemy, covers its secrets all except the Adepts and Sages, or even the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of their symbols to mislead individuals who deserve simply to be mislead to hide the reality, so it calls light, and draw them from this.Inch [Morals and Dogma, p. 104-5, 3rd Degree]

Have you heard these key phrases from Pike? Masonry is really a religion in the end, following the order from the Satanic Mysteries, the equally Satanic Hermetic Philosophy, and Alchemy! Masonry covers its secrets in the brethren within the outer visible society, regardless of their rank just the Elect within the inner invisible society ever be aware of truth. Poor people brethren within the visible society are spoon-given "false explanations and misinterpretations" of their symbols" - why? - individuals poor men within the visible society "deserve simply to be mislead".

If your guy maintained to revere Jesus at first of his membership within Masonry, he'd be immediately shunted in to the visible society, and would not, ever discover the truth. You'd not be considered an Adept, or perhaps a Sage, or among the Elect, for individuals terms are restricted to the people from the invisible society. You'd be certainly one of individuals who have been deliberately lied to around the doctrines of Masonry, and given deliberate misinterpretations of their symbols, to ensure that you'd basically THINK you understood the reality.

Pike then completes his instructions to deliberately mislead individuals people from the visible society, by saying: "So Masonry jealously covers its secrets and deliberately leads conceited interpreters down the wrong path." [Ibid., p. 105]

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