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March 10, 2017
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Method 1 of three: Fundamental Needs

  1. Be considered a guy a minimum of 21 years old. This is actually the most fundamental requirement under most Grand Lodge (the middle of authority for Freemason groups) areas. Some areas accept males who're 18 and also over, and in some cases exceptions are created for that sons of people, or college students.


  2. Have confidence in a great being. You will find a couple of areas that do not require people to think inside a deity, but this can be a requirement of most Freemasons. You have to believe in one god or deity most importantly others. Individuals from all religious skills are welcome as lengthy because this is true.
  3. Have high morals. This might be the most crucial quality to possess like a potential Freemason. The fraternity's motto is "better males create a better world, " and recognition, personal integrity, and responsibility are locked in high esteem. You have to have the ability to demonstrate that you're a guy with higher character within the following ways:
    • Have a very good status so that individuals who know you'd attest to your character.
    • Be considered a good member of the family, using the way to support your loved ones.
  4. Come with an educated knowledge of Freemasonry. Lots of people aim to go into the fraternity simply because they learned about it in movies, books, and mainstream media. Freemasonry is frequently described like a secret society that's attempting to take around the globe, with clues for this effect hidden throughout Paris and Electricity. The fact is that Freemasonry is composed of standard males striving to aid one another in fellowship, friendship, and good citizenship.Image titled Join Freemasonry Step 2 Being a member provides you with accessibility following:
    • Entrance towards the monthly events at Freemason lodges, in which you commune with fellow Masons.
    • Initiation in to the teachings around the good reputation for Freemasonry.
    • Participation within the ancient rituals of Freemasonry, like the handshake, traditions of initiation, and free utilisation of the Masonic square and compass symbol.

Method 2 of three: Petitioning

  1. To become one, request one. The standard method of joining Freemasonry would be to request somebody that has already been an associate. Knowing someone who's an associate, tell him that you are thinking about joining, and simply tell him you want to petition for membership. He should lead you towards the appropriate venue to problem your petition you will need to answer some questions regarding why you need to registered as a member. If you do not have a friend who's member, you will find a couple of things you can test:
    • Search for a "2B1Ask1" sign. You will see this on bumper peel off stickers, t shirts, hats, along with other products displayed by Freemasons who wish to welcome new people.
    • Search for the Masonic square and compass symbol. This really is a little harder to place, but you might even see someone putting on it on the t-shirt or any other item.
    • Lookup the local Freemason lodge within the phonebook.Image titled Join Freemasonry Step 3 Call the lodge and request them how you can pursue membership for the reason that jurisdiction.
  2. Interview using the Freemasons. After you have posted your petition to particular lodge, the Freemasons there'll evaluate it and choose whether or not to invite you set for a job interview by having an investigative committee. If they would like to phone you in, a time and date is going to be arranged. Throughout the job interview, you may expect the next:
    • You will be requested questions regarding why you need to be a Freemason, and you will be requested to explain your existence story as well as your own character.
    • You will get the chance to request them questions regarding how things work on the Lodge.
  3. 7

    Wait to listen to their decision. Following the interview, the Freemasons will do an analysis to your existence, that will include calls to individuals near to you who are able to verify that you've a high moral character. They might also conduct experience check to find out whether you have had difficulties with crime, alcohol or drugs.

  4. 8

    Accept an invite to participate. When the investigative committee makes their decision, you get a phone call as well as an official invitation to participate the fraternity. You get further instructions about conferences.

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Method 3 of three: Joining the Fraternity

  1. Start being an Joined Apprentice. This is actually the first stage of initiation, and you will discover the fundamental concepts of Freemasonry Once you gain enough understanding and set in a while, you'll come up through two more symbolic levels.
    • Through the apprenticeship period, you have to still demonstrate good character.
    • Before you advance to another degree, you have to demonstrate proficiency to understand the amount work you experienced.
  2. 10

    Advance towards the Fellow Craft degree. You'll delve much deeper in to the teachings of Freemasonry, especially because they have to do with the humanities and sciences. To accomplish this degree, you will be examined in your understanding about everything you've learned to date.

  3. 11

    Obtain a Master Mason degree. This is actually the greatest level you are able to achieve, also it typically takes several several weeks to obtain there. To obtain the degree, you have to demonstrate proficiency within the values of Freemasonry. Your completing the amount is going to be celebrated having a ceremony.

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  • Based on where you reside, there might be a number of Freemasonic groups. In Freemasonry, there are usually two kinds of philosophy. The very first is those of the "regular" Grand Lodges and yet another is the "irregular" Grand Lodges (frequently known as Grand Orients). Seek information around the groups inside your locale and discover what fits your needs in connection with this before joining.
  • It's not necessary to be wealthy to participate. While initiation costs vary, annual dues usually vary from about $40 to $300/year.
  • Although Freemasonry is a brand male fraternity, you will find some Orders which permit the admission of women: Order from the Eastern Star, Jobs Kids and also the irregular Co-Masonry.


  • You will find many misconceptions regarding Freemasons and Freemasonry. A few of these misconceptions return a century or even more but they are still espoused today by its detractors. Again, seek information, but know when you should separate the fiction from fact.
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