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August 14, 2015
Downtown Boston Freemason

GavelFreemasons are commanded to not testify truthfully when another Mason is on trial. They admit it might be perjury, but for them, it's a much better sin not to safeguard one that belongs to them. 9

There is a secret handshake

Though some people deny it towards the public, the Freemasons have a minumum of one secret masonic handshake. Allegedly, you will find even phrases a Freemason can utter when facing grave danger – leading to other people to hurry for their aid. The founding father of Mormonism, Frederick Cruz, is stated to possess uttered this phrase within the last moments before his dying. 8

They've several secret passwords

This is among the best-known details concerning the Masons, however the general perception is they have recently one password. Actually, you will find several passwords for a number of occasions and reasons. Because the one individual using the final syllable for that ultimate secret word was killed, they replaced “mor-bon-zi” with this word, and just very couple of people be aware of actual secret word. This secret word can be used just for events: “tu-bal-cain” may be the more prevalent secret password, around the tip of each and every Freemason tongue. 7

Pope Blair Mason Handshake1Their traditions involve a noose

The initiation traditions- though referred to by Masons as beautiful events – incorporate a noose. It’s difficult to tell whether this really is meant like a threat, a phone call to keep silence, or just because the indication of an umbilical cord (because they claim), but regardless, it’s unusual enough to warrant a mention. 6

They’re obsessive about the sun's rays

Freemasons think that the east represents rebirth. They sing the sun's rays in the flight – marvelling at its passage with the sky. Masonic lodges are usually built-in the east and in the western world, in an attempt to manage photo voltaic energy for his or her own reasons. 5

Masons exclude atheists

It’s impossible to become Freemason if you are an atheist. The very first requirement is the fact that potential people must have confidence in a greater energy of some kind. They're saying to not care what greater energy that's, however, you must define it on your own. You are able to lie about this, but religion appears to become a reason for recognition included in this. However, typically excluded groups – for example gay males – are incorporated in Masonry, as long as they behave within the same moral manner as other groups. The temple still excludes women, however, many groups are presently challenging this. 4

Masonic FrenchThey try to control politics and finance in a variety of nations

The state corruption of Masonry is well-recorded, but frequently hidden. 500, 000 Masons in England are disproportionately involved with banking, politics, and government. Even hospitals and colleges are frequently controlled through the Masons. 3

Their symbol is around the dollar bill

If you’ve ever looked carefully in the US dollar bill, you’ve most likely seen the All-Seeing Eye over the pyramid. This symbol is really a Freemason symbol, and also the Latin underneath is really a Freemason motto, meaning “new world order”. Many state that the choice to include this masonic symbol wasn't affected by Freemasons – Benjamin Franklin to be the only Mason around the design committee – however the coincidence remains fascinating the same. 2

Flat, 550X550, 075, FAnders Breivik would be a Mason

Breivik – accountable for this year's mass murder in Norwegian – was part of the Lodge of St. Olaf in Oslo. He was quickly excluded – but his amount of participation inside the organization is open for debate. 1

Masons performed a vital role wide exploration

Some state that Masons come with an agenda to consider around the globe – however, many Masons appear to obtain their sights focused on the moon. Astronauts within the Apollo program – including Buzz Aldrin – were self-professed Masons. Their rite flags happen to be towards the moon and back, and Aldrin appears to possess stated the moon for his Masonic lodge in Texas.

A few of these strange and scandalous strategies of the Freemasons are clearly urban stories, and really should be used having a touch of suspicion but others appear to have a amount of truth. One thing’s for several – Masonry is in no way an outdated cult. Still it has numerous active people who appear to become employed by some purpose – even when we can’t all agree with what that's.

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