Freemasonry rituals and Secrets

September 10, 2015
The Secret Ritual of Kappa

Freemasonry is undoubtedly the biggest and many effective secret society existing around the world today. Although Freemasonry is recognized as by many people as sinister and destructive, still it keeps a substantial position of influence in certain areas globally. However, for the first time, Freemasonry, its levels and secrets are now being uncovered in depth, thus revealing increasingly more aspects of it is true character, workings and it is purpose for existing. It has led to a stark loss of amounts. Associates are losing interest and outsiders are now being nervous about the dark facts they're finding. The Masonic membership has become progressively worried about its exterior image as potential people are shunning an order in significant amounts. In reaction, the normally highly secretive order has recently been positively participating in a pr offensive to be able to resuscitate the ailing order. It's been swinging its doorways available to a number of its more innocuous installation events and running towards the media to focus on the smallest of charitable functions to be able to boost its withering image.

Christian objections

For a long time Freemasonry has told us the Lodge and it is internal workings completely accord using the precepts of Christianity and also the teaching from the Bible. It's the reason for this website to look at these claims and establish the actual meaning and import from the teaching and practices of Freemasonry. We'll also examine its roots.

Christian believers oppose Freemasonry on several grounds. First of all they resist its mystical teaching and practices to be anti-spiritual. Freemasonry distorts the teaching from the Bible, it revises it after which misapplies it to the imaginary religious heros or concepts. Lesson after lesson and principle after principle are noticed to contradict the expressed teaching from the Scriptures. Elaborate traditions and esoteric events are plainly alien to God’s blueprint within the Bible. Freemasonry takes various office game titles and spiritual explanations in the Bible (New and old Testament) that have to do with God or His servants and apply these to its people.

The entire secrecy facet of Freemasonry runs unlike scriptural Christianity. It's more similar to the occult world. The scriptural belief happens to be an open witness towards the viewer. It had been paganism that shrouded its methods in secrecy. Couple of outsiders understand Freemasonry is simply a modern mutation from the ancient mysteries. The Lodge shares the majority of its traditions, dental tradition and meaning using the occult world. The truth that its religious practices and teaching are strictly hidden from outdoors scrutiny is testimony within the eyes on most Christian believers towards the bogus character of their events. Freemasonry must of necessity safeguard its dubious dark degrading methods.

Secret rituals from masonic underground meeting exposed
Secret rituals from masonic underground meeting exposed
SECRET Freemason Ritual Obtained Through Hidden Camera
SECRET Freemason Ritual Obtained Through Hidden Camera!!!
Ban Secret Cult & Occult Practices and Freemasonry
Ban Secret Cult & Occult Practices and Freemasonry
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