Masonic secret rituals

September 19, 2018

By "initiation ceremony, " I am likely to assume you mean each one or the 3 from the levels a Mason receives within the blue lodge.

To begin with, because I'm a Mason, you must know that you will find some things that I won't let you know. Just like any fraternity or social organization, you will find stuff that merely a member should really know.

But I will tell you concerning the process and just what it generally involves:

First, you complete a petition asking for the lodge admit you into its membership. Following a procedure for analysis and dealing with know what you are, the lodge will election to determine whether or not to accept your petition or otherwise. When the lodge votes to your benefit, you'll be introduced to another meeting and receive your "Joined Apprentice" degree - this is when you're started in to the fraternity. Each one of the following levels build upon what you are trained inside your Joined Apprentice degree before you are introduced into "full Masonic light" and given all of the benefits and rights to be an expert Mason.

In each one of the three levels, a number of things happen:

1. You're introduced in to the lodge (blindfolded in the beginning) and led via a ritual that you literally walk inside your siblings actions and have a symbolic journey toward "Masonic light."
2. In every degree, you kneel in the altar in the heart of the lodge to consider a duty - you set their hands on a magazine of scripture from whatever your religion is and have a binding oath, promising that you simply is going to do some things and never do certain other activities. Many of these are with regards to your membership within the lodge and also the role you play like a Mason, and they're meant to ensure that they'd not pose any insult for your religion in order to the laws and regulations of condition or nation.
3. After you have taken your obligation and therefore are, basically, sworn to secrecy, you're trained certain training about Freemasonry and it is symbols - each degree shows on specific symbols and develops the final. These training train moral and social benefits which are the inspiration from the Masonic fraternity which inform everything we all do whenever we meet together like a lodge.
4. Once you are given these training, you're trained some things you need to termed as part of the lodge - they are mainly the strategies by which we recognize each other and gain admittance to a different lodge as site visitors, and they're our main "secrets." Nearly all these final training are trained within the third, or Master Mason degree.

Individuals would be the details. If you want to find out more, I recommend you consider the book "Freemasons for Idiot's" - it consists of virtually just as much information as you possibly can without offering things that can not be distributed.

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