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June 15, 2018
Stillness in the Storm
By R. D. Flavin
Image from "Ultimate Goal in the usaInch featuring Burrows Cave items and Wolter (video removed by Google/YouTube).

Though 2009 is a few two several weeks and alter from completion, an update is nevertheless due the


Cave hoax. On April 4, 2009, Fred Rydholm, the co-author of The Mystery Cave of numerous Faces (Burrows &lifier Rydholm 1992) died, as well as on September 20, 2009, A Brief History Funnel launched a 2 hour television program [Note: I ...just can't bring myself to explain it as being a documentary] titled, "Ultimate Goal in the usa, " that will likely expose more and more people towards the Burrows Cave hoax in the premiere showing (to state nothing of subsequent reruns, as it will likely be in program rotation, and most likely readily available for DVD purchase sooner or later at some point) than All of the combined traders, purchasers of BC "items, " visitors of the aforementioned pointed out 'book', or even the many asinine articles around the alleged "cave" lower in southern Illinois using its several 1000 laughably phony items and antiquities. We lost an excellent amateur historian using the dying of Rydholm and also the

Cave hoax has regrettably managed to get to cable tv.

Cave hoax, to Fred's credit, was inevitable because he were built with a lengthy standing and committed curiosity about Midwestern American (pre)history, climax still sad. Burrows has frequently blamed Fred for released mistakes and errors (also Buck Trawicky, the "editor" from the book), yet The Mystery Cave of numerous Faces looks like it's still readily available for by having an autograph by Burrows from his

Colorado street address. Pardon my honesty, but Rydholm has finally steered clear of

Cave, even though many continue to be searching for a means out, and still tripping in to the abyss from the

Cave hoax.

"Ultimate Goal in the usaInch was directed and edited by Andy Awes, compiled by Maria Awes, featuring interviews with (so as of appearance accreditation): Dr. Alice Kehoe (anthropologist), Dr. Antoly Liberman (philologist, College of Minnesota), Darwin Ohman (grand son of Olaf Ohman), Scott Wolter (forensic geologist), Tom Trow (past archaeologist, MN Hist. Society), Florian Ledermann (past leader, Runestone Museum), Dr. James Scherz (prehistoric cartographer), Alan Butler (author, The Knights in combat Templar Revealed), Simon Brighton (author, Looking for the Knights in combat Templar), Erling Haagensen (author, The Templars' Secret Island), Steven Sora (author, The Lost Colony from the Templars), Kelly Krause (archaeologist), Ashly Cowie (author, The Rosslyn Templars), Evan Pritchard (director, Center for Algonquin Culture), Scott Wolter (geologist &lifier author, The Hooked X), Niven Sinclair (Clan Sinclair patriarch), Carmen Legge (leader, New Ross Historic Society), David Brody (chair, Westford Dark night Committee), Dr. Virginia Kimball (Westford Dark night Historian), Dr. Bruce Bourque (archaeologist, Maine Condition Museum), Roslyn Strong (Colonial Antiquities Research Assn.), Richard Lynch (Colonial Antiquities Research Assn.), Dr. William Penhallow (astronomer &lifier physicist), Suzanne Carlson (architect &lifier leader of NEARA), and Akram Elias (Freemasonic Grand Master).

Dr. James P. Scherz.

All accreditations are standard and self-explanatory, using the exceptions from the emeritus status of both Prof. Alice B. Kehoe (anthropology, Marquette Univ.) and Prof. James P. Scherz (civil engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison). Scott Wolter may be the only individual featured within the program who's referred to two times, first like a "forensic geologist" and again like a an "archaeoloist &lifier author from the Hooked X. The designation of Scherz like a "prehistoric cartographer" is nearly too absurd for comment. However, because of the fantastic character from the program and it is inclusion of Burrows Cave material, I'd reckon that Scherz is declaring to become a specialist on Burrows Cave written products that are considered to illustrate 'ancient' maps from the Mississippi River.

THIRD WORLD - 96 DEGREES IN THE SHADE ° Sunsplash 1983 by
THIRD WORLD - 96 DEGREES IN THE SHADE ° Sunsplash 1983 by ...
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johnny winter third degree
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