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June 2, 2017
Freemasonry California

Freemasonry offers its people leadership possibilities in the lodge, district, and Grand Lodge levels. Today you will find greater than 4Thousand leadership positions through the condition and continuing training and education are integral areas of leadership development. The Grand Lodge of California keeps several ongoing training programs for people.

Secretary &lifier Treasurer Retreats

Secretary and Treasurer Retreats, held yearly, strengthen our collective understanding from the administrative procedures from the lodge, improving our communication with one another.

2016 Locations and Dates

2016 Secretary and Treasurer Retreats are scheduled both in Southern and northern California.

Master &lifier Wardens Retreats

Annual Master and Wardens Retreats provide a team-based workshop method of planning each lodge's future. They're available to all lodge masters, wardens, and junior wardens lodge leaders are urged to go to together.

2016 Master and Wardens Retreats occur in four locations.

Lodge Management Certification Program

Lodge Management Certification Program (LMCP) courses are made to present lodge leaders with cutting-edge tools, training, and guidance to deal with the initial management and administrative duties of present day lodges.

Web seminar Courses
Throughout the summer time several weeks, LMCP courses can be found in web seminar format. This online structure makes live LMCP programming available to Masons any place in California - and around the world.

Secretaries &lifier Treasurers
Northern: The month of january 22-24 (San Ramon)
Southern: Feb 26-28 (Irvine)
Masters &lifier Wardens
Northwest: March 11-13 (Monterey)
Southwest: April 8-10 (Irvine)
Northeast: April 15-17 (Lake Lake tahoe)
Southeast: May 20-22 (Palm Springs)
David Chiu at Masons of California Public Schools Month
David Chiu at Masons of California Public Schools Month
2012 Board Report - Masonic Homes of California
2012 Board Report - Masonic Homes of California
freemasons hotel california
freemasons hotel california
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