Society of Freemasons

March 29, 2018
Christmas Eve in New York

lodge3.jpgLodgeroom of Forrest Lodge No. 19. Huntsville AL

Can there be any expect a society that enables a satanic

cult bent on its destruction to function freely, and holds its people

since it's leaders? "Freemasonry" may be the lever satanist bankers use to manage

the planet. The alternate media will discuss the "Jews" but

rarely mention Freemasons. Within this vintage essay, targeted in a Muslim audience,

hqdefault.jpgErnst Zundel provides an introduction to Freemasonry and it is energy.

"So deeply accustomed are Westerners towards the acceptance of those secret communities within their midst they have no worries in choosing or recruiting known Freemasons to public office..."

ryan.jpegby Ernst Zundel

Unknown to many people ... may be the tremendous energy and influence worked out within the Civilized world by a few branches of the politicized Freemasonry and all sorts of its cover organizations, like the Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, etc.

Many important Western decision makers, political figures, economists, and military officials are generally people of the secret society or are affected and frequently centered by such people... This is actually the same globalist satanic structure which we identify in certain lodges of Freemasonry, like the PII Lodge active in the Calvi Affair in Italia in early seventies - secrecy, duplicity, the exercise of undue influence, infiltration, corruption of authorities and, where necessary, it appears, even murder. That many Freemasons are frequently not aware from the company directors and real directions of the secret organization or brotherhood doesn't, it appears, preclude their blind, uncritical support of the organization as well as their behavior training to the directives.

Freemasons ★ illuminati NWO Masonic Secret Society
Freemasons ★ illuminati NWO Masonic Secret Society ...
Inside the secret world of the Freemasons
Inside the secret world of the Freemasons
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Leaked Freemason/Illuminati leaders and The whore of ...
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