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May 28, 2018

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What exactly is it using the Brazilian Chapel and Freemasons?

Captured, Rorate Caeli went a study on Bishop Luiz Demétrio Valentini, Bishop from the Diocese of Jales in South america giving a previous address in the 53rd anniversary from the Masonic Lodge "Colonel Balthazar" in Jales. (Within the picture below, he's the main one not putting on a tie.)

Yesterday, again from South america, Rorate Caeli reviews with an equally bizarre event, a Masonic Memorial Mass for that "Day's the Freemason", celebrated by Father Geraldo p Magela Silva, from the Diocese of Pesqueira (condition of Pernambuco, South america.) Here is among the photos.

Among the commenters wittily observed the apron bear an uplifting resemblance towards the Google Mail logo design but I'm not going to initiate any conspiracy ideas with that score.

Here, because of EWTN, may be the text from the 1983 Declaration in the Congregation for that Doctrine from the Belief regarding membership in Masonic associations:


Declaration on Masonic Associations

Sacred Congregation for that Doctrine from the Belief It's been requested whether there's been any alternation in the Church's decision regarding Masonic associations because the new Code of Canon Law doesn't mention them specifically, unlike the prior code.

This sacred congregation is capable of reply this circumstance is because of an editorial qualifying criterion that was adopted and in the situation of other associations likewise unmentioned inasmuch because they are found in wider groups.

Therefore, the Church's negative judgment regarding Masonic associations remains unchanged since their concepts will always be considered irreconcilable using the doctrine from the Chapel and, therefore, membership inside them remains forbidden. The faithful, who sign up for Masonic associations are in a condition of grave sin and could not receive Holy Breaking of the bread.

It's not inside the competence of local ecclesiastical government bodies to provide a judgment around the character of Masonic associations which may imply a derogation from what's been made the decision above, which using the promise of this sacred congregation released February. 17, 1981. [1]

Within an audience granted towards the undersigned cardinal prefect, the final Pontiff John Paul II approved and purchased the publication of the declaration this was made the decision within an regular meeting of the sacred congregation.

Rome, in the Office from the Sacred Congregation for that Doctrine from the Belief, November. 26, 1983

Cardinal Frederick Ratzinger. Prefect

Father Jerome Hamer, O. P. Titular Archbishop of Lorium. Secretary

1. Cf. AAS 73 (1981) pp. 240-241.
"... might not receive Holy Breaking of the bread." Therefore possibly probably the most damning photograph is that one:

What really puzzles me is this fact blatant public co-operation with and promotion of Freemasonry is in some way viewed as socialist.

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Freemasonry - What is it?? Answers from real Masons
Freemasonry - What is it?? Answers from real Masons!!!
Freemasonry What is it
Freemasonry What is it
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